Carly Kennelly Leaves KOIN, Jubal Lands Another Affiliate

KOIN 6 traffic reporter Carly Kennelly signed off today after 14 years at the station.

After relaunching last month as HITS 95.7, iHEARTMEDIA Top 40 KPTT/Denver has relaunched as Hits 95.7 and welcomes The Jubal Show to mornings. That makes 28 stations carrying the program which is based in Seattle at Hits 106.1/KBKS.

Lisa Keil has been named Events Manager at Christian Music Broadcasters/Little Rock, AR. Keil previously worked at Crista Media’s KFMK Spirit 105.9/Houston and KCMS Spirit 105.3/Seattle.

Author: Jason Remington

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34 thoughts on “Carly Kennelly Leaves KOIN, Jubal Lands Another Affiliate

  1. Wow, how disappointing! I thought maybe you were on vacation. Miss seeing you, but wish you huge success in your new adventures. Keep us updated!

  2. I’m glad you’re at ch 12.
    Ch 6 loss a great person. I will stop watching ch 6.
    You will do outstanding in your new endeavor.
    Happy Holidays.
    B. Scott

  3. Done with KOIN
    New managers always use change as an illusion for progress. The chemistry your team had gave Koin a great program for many years.
    It was a great run!
    Best wishes and success for your family!

    Life goes on, and I’m sure it will only be a blessing for you!

  4. Really disappointed in Ken Boddie. Watched a little of the Sunday show with Jeff Merkley. Ken either didn’t do his subject homework or is just following a written script. He asked Merkley if citizens should own assault weapons? Hey Ken, citizens cannot buy assault weapons. I know because I have been an FFL dealer for 30 years. He then let Merkley get away with saying an 18 year old can buy a “Tommy Gun.” Totally false on both subjects. I expected a lot more professionalism from Mr. Boddie. After 35 years of KOIN news, I cannot stomach any more of these false narratives.

    1. Oh good god, pick a real issue.

      You’re just being hateful about an excellent reporter because he didn’t ask what *you* wanted him to regarding guns.

      Don’t watch KOIN anymore, see if anyone notices! 👋

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