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13 thoughts on “Pin-up: Claire Anderson, KIRO 7 Meteorologist

  1. Yeah…now if we could just talk Rebecca Stevenson in to giving us an eye candy shot of her in a bikini, the “relative humidity” of Seattle would move up considerably!…Yikes!

    1. That tune has an innocent quality to it…it would never be tolerated nowadays, as we are way too jaded as a society….and remember that tune that was a hit for David Gates, concerning his love and regret for his deceased father?…yeah, it was kinda maudlin, but very powerful at the same time…very humanistic…I was a “hard-rockin” dude, and still am…but that tune always touches me deeply.

  2. Claire, so sad to see you leave us for DC. Your heart warming smile is still contagious from 2500 mi. away. Good luck and take care.

  3. If claire is leaving kiro thier is no reason for me too watch it anymore all the rest of your reporting is too depressing.

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