Top 40 Rock @ KIRO FM, Voice Actor Terry McManus, 800 KQIN Debuts

Author: Victor Stredicke

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7 thoughts on “Top 40 Rock @ KIRO FM, Voice Actor Terry McManus, 800 KQIN Debuts

  1. I always wanted to hear more of Terry McManus working a regular dj shift. He was way too busy I guess. And successful.

    1. I enjoyed his morning shows on KOL. I think he had the best voice in Puget Sound radio if not the nation. I remember when KOL-FM was automated from midnight till 6.a.m. and after about 20 minutes of music, you would hear a short add, PSA, or even a poem read by McManus, Chambless or Max. Interesting times. Later they went live for the whole 12 hours except Sunday nights, Monday mornings. Even after Chambless was fired the first time, they continued the feature for maybe three more months. Then the FM signed off at 2.a.m. Sometimes the AM would simulcast the weekly feature for a while.

    1. I remember hearing an add voiced by Burl for a concerts west show on WPLJ-FM, N.Y. I think it may still be on the net somewhere. The live dj was Tony Pig.

  2. I remember the KIRO-FM top 40 format did not last very long. I remember the TV adds. Goodbye Beatles. Hello Mancini.

  3. We have enjoyed some of Terry’s work on Imagination Theater , and are still trying to find out what he is doing now. He did an absolutely pitch-perfect James Stewart. Lee & Pat Duigon New Jersey

  4. MAY 2016 – [5/3/16] — Former production wiz and air personality Terry McManus has died. He was the voice of Jimmy Stalwart, Gregory Peck, Zollie Nicely (KOL’s booking agent with a heart) Jimmy from Mr. Science and Jimmy (KOL and later KYYX). McManus was also the voice for all national Frank Sinatra spots. For Robin & Maynard, he was the voice for Officer Lee Groinman (Seattles toughest cop), Cecil Blakemore, Pinky Puckerton, Grady Gerry Bumpus, Warden Marshall Warden, Liberace, Manager of the Puppet Warehouse, Sir Cavendish of Longbarrow, Gordon Van der Hoof of Prince George Canada and others. His voice was a constant presence in Seattle radio as well as other parts of the country. He has done voice imaging for KOL, KYYX, KXRX, KZOK and with Robin and Maynard at 100.7 The Buzz. He also did a late night tv cop show on ch.22 called “Nightstick Theater” hosted by Lee Groinman. Another great talent that will be sorely missed. (Seatacmedia website)


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