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5 thoughts on “Q13 Management Team Is In A State Of Flux

  1. Not sure what the significance, if any, is of this but it is noted that the traffic updates which always immediately followed the weather reports in the morning have vanished without explanation. Adam Gehrke, where are you?

  2. MJ missed her cue at least once this morning. A bit unusual. Liz Dueweke threw it to MJ, the camera was focused on the weather center… no MJ.

  3. Q13’s Morning news block is killer…certainly their largest revenue source. They will do little to jeopardize it…however now that the sharp elbows of Fox are in the ownership position, we’ll see more of this churn.

    1. While 4, 5, and 7 give that time to the network, 13 has the market in this time slot. Personally, I can’t watch anything but Q13 news in the morning. The networks fill with fluff and nonsense while we get local news, sports, weather and traffic all morning, anytime we choose to tune into 13.

  4. Gehrke is back. I assume it was vacation time. Still wonder why the spot wasn’t filled in his absence. All they did was show a still camera view of I-5 at 518 and voiced-over it conditions that could be seen. They eventually stopped doing that.

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