Gather The Children Around The TV – Pride Parade Airs on KGW & KOIN Portland

Pride Northwest will be streaming the entire thing this Sunday. KOIN 6 News and Portland’s CW will have all the highlights in a special show on June 27. KOIN 6’s very own Emily Burris and Jenny Hansson have even teamed up with drag queens S****r L***e S****s and M****ia P*****s to emcee the parade. (The highlights only, according to the KOIN spokeswoman I spoke to.) KGW won the bid to broadcast the entire parade. KGW must be proud as a peacock.
Now, there is some wholesome entertainment for the family!

A KOIN spokeswoman told me that anyone offended by the airing of this parade would be in the minority. She stated that she had to get off the line because she was going into a meeting.

COMMENTS? KOIN’s phone number is (503) 464-0600
KGW (503) 226-5000 (automated phone line) press 0 to get a receptionist during regular business hours.

Calling KGW’s receptionist, you may get this:

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Author: Jason Remington

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5 thoughts on “Gather The Children Around The TV – Pride Parade Airs on KGW & KOIN Portland

  1. I do not have plans on watching this, but I do support gay rights. I have friends and loved ones who are gay and they are not much different then we are. They have just as much right to work and live as we do. I think it is high time that this is acceptable. There is no law that states that you have to participate in this. If you do not want to watch this, then just change the channel. As far as that protester getting wacked, I do not know if he or she deserved it. I do know I do not like lawless violence coming from either side. Sometimes you do what you have to do. Just a reminder, we need to restore the fairness doctrine.

  2. The team was a volunteer assignment in addition to their regular jobs and they can still be officially assigned to those same duties, but not as team members. The resignations came a day after one of the members was indicted on an assault charge of whacking a protester with a billy club.

  3. KNKX Public Radio @knkxfm
    Unprecedented: All of the officers, sergeants and detectives with the Portland Police Bureau’s Rapid Response Team — the unit responsible for policing protests in the city — resigned from the team on Wednesday.

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