KOL Loving Ex-KUUU Jock, Quadraphonic Broadcasts and KRAB Mission Statement

Victor Stredicke – June 16, 1974 — The demographic appeal is about the same. Both KUUU and KOL AM hope for strong female identification in the age bracket of 25 to 35. KUUU does it with memories. KOL does it with emotions.
Regular listeners to KOL hear occasional quotes from the classics, cleaned up audio graffiti designed to make the listener sigh. “Yeah!” if 35 and “right on!” if 25. “Mini dramas,” short, well produced scripts, which key somehow to the next record to be played, are supposed to wring emotion from the listener. Many segments are produced in California by Chuck Blore Creative Services.
It’s to such an environment that KUUU’s afternoon disc jockey, Gary Loving, moves to an identical timeslot on KOL, beginning Monday.
Loving was at KUUU 3 1/2 years.
“I thought it was time to move on,” Loving said, “and I like what KOL is doing.”
Foremost in Loving’s mind is what to do about his name.
It’s not his. It’s KUUU’s. He was given it at the time KUUU came to town, when everybody had to have a short, happy, sexy name.
“I never did like it,” Loving said. His real name is no winner, but in the field of broadcasting, it’s common practice to modify reality.
His new employers kind of like the name Loving. It fits the format.
But Loving said if he was to go by a fake name, he’d really rather have the name “Chase.” “It’s got more action,” he said.
Gary/Lee/Loving/Spinell/Chase has until 2 PM tomorrow to make his emotional decision.


Mark your checklist for scheduled four-channel broadcasts of the following: alternate Sundays at 10 PM on KISW; at 1 PM Saturdays and at 9 PM Wednesdays on KING FM; at 2 PM Saturdays and Sundays and at 8 PM weekdays on KIRO FM.


The ABC radio network will be the first commercial radio network to use domestic satellite transmission in the states, according to information from the network. Satellite transmission will be added to existing landline facilities in July.
From the press release comes this promise: “Domestic satellite services provide unprecedented opportunities to innovation and excellence in communications and the American Satellite Corp. is proud to participate with the four ABC radio networks in establishing another first in communications history.”

Station goal…

KRAB’s program schedule offers this goal description for the listener supported station: “To broadcast programs of quality and diversity, opinions, which generate debate, public events which go unreported, news, events which may otherwise be suppressed, drama and poetry which might never be heard in Seattle.” KRAB will supply a sample program guide to anyone who wants to check out this promise.

Author: Victor Stredicke

Former radio columnist for the Seattle Times (1964-1989). --- View other articles by Victor Stredicke
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