There Is Hope: More Conservative Talk on Radio

The Jesse Kelly show will air from 3pm-6pm PT on Premiere Networks stations, replacing the Buck Sexton show. The show starts on June 28.

The iHeart programs with Kelly, Travis and Sexton are all “far right” in the eyes of Democrats. These programs, along with Westwood One’s Dan Bongino, should satisfy Rush Limbaugh fans.

Author: Jason Remington

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3 thoughts on “There Is Hope: More Conservative Talk on Radio

  1. This is a format that gets ratings, as opposed to a liberal talk show. CNN’s ratings have plummeted since they no longer have Trump to kick around. That will change when Trump takes a political office again. Rumblings are that Trump may run for Congress or even the Presidency again. That would be great news for CNN. They will then have someone to blame for all of Biden’s mistakes.

    1. If conservative talk gets ratings where are KVI’s ratings ? An analysis of the NPR news//talk stations in markets like Seattle, Portland and Austin show impressive stability and ratings comparable to Rush. Take a look at Sacramento Rush’s home market (where it all began for him)……KFBK has lost market share while the NPR outlet shows typical stability even as Trump is no longer around. Progressive/liberal commercial radio programmers need to develop a similar approach to that of NPR giving us hope of more thoughtful and less hateful talk on radio.

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