5 thoughts on “Classical KISW Adds Show Tunes & Popular Instrumentals

  1. I have not worked at a classical station. I think a few weeks of training in pronunciation and music history would be necessary.

    1. I just remembered I once worked at automated classical station KONC 106.3 Sun City “Concert 106”. During my Sunday air shift on 1360 KLFF, I also had to run back to change the FM’s tapes and interrupt the otherwise non-stop generic tapes to insert recorded half-hour programs and the hourly ABC News. The FM and the AM were on opposite ends of the building so I wore my tennies on Sunday. Everything seemed to run long and I’d have to cross programs off the log. This caused Monday morning coronaries for the O. M. which were quite entertaining.

  2. Mr. Music Man (Duane Smart) got his firt job at KISW, in May 1963. I was in a Broadcast Class with Mike Judy, who one day was complaining about not being to attend his best friends’ wedding, in Selah, WA. I thought he was joking when he asked if anyone was interesting in filling in for him. I told him I was. He told me to show up Saturday mornin, because the owner Ellwood W. Lippincot would be there. He introduced me and I got the fill in job. I certainly was no Pat O’Day, but I got my foot in the door. We were on the air from Noon until 11PM. Friday nights were the worst time to work. We would play an opera. Usually 2 to 3 hours. Shrieking sopranos speaking Italian, German or French drove me nuts! Admittedly I played some music only to discover that piece pf music was used as a theme for a program. Of course the most well classical piece was by Rosenni, ” The William Tell Overture”. another surprise was Reznichk’s Donna Diona Overture It contained a segment that was the Theme for Sgt. Preston of the Yukon. One of my all time favorites was by Franz Liszt “Les Prelude” It was used back in the 30’s for the Adventures of Flash Gordon. It was an education.

    1. Duane,

      You couldn’t forget Ferde Grofé’s Grand Canyon Suite. Anyone hearing “On the Trail” from “Grand Canyon Suite” would recognize it as the background music in Philip Morris cigarette radio commercials, where they heard Johnny yell across a crowded lobby, “Call for Philip Morrrr-eee-isss!”

      Listen here:

      Read about it here:

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