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4 thoughts on “Clippings: Radio & Records Magazine January-March 1977

  1. Boy! I certainly forgot about Klaatu (got their name from an alien in a Sci-Fi movie) that supposedly some people thought were actually the Beatles … the subject of the March 18th, 1977 R&R article.
    Whatta ya think? Could you have confused them with the Fab Four? Let me link you up:

  2. A Beatle copy-cat band, more bubble gum than most Beatle tunes. Had they mentioned London on their mind, instead of California, they might fool a person.

  3. I was very skeptical when that rumor came out. They do sound a little bit like the fabs. But if you listening closely, you can tell it,s not them. They were a little bit bubblegummish and un 70,s Beatle like. Coincidentally, I have been reading back issues of Billboard and there is a big article about that.

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