Our Changing World – Earl Nightingale

Here is American radio/television speaker and author, on the subjects of human character development, motivation, and meaningful existence, Earl Nightingale. Locally, Our Changing World aired on KTNT TV 11 in Tacoma.

Earl Nightingale – The Sense of Humor (3:34)

Author: Jason Remington

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7 thoughts on “Our Changing World – Earl Nightingale

  1. This is timely. My sense of humor, under our current lockdown, is certainly suffering. I find that some short-tempered responses to trivial inconveniences are not far from the surface.

    I was talking to my best friend yesterday, by phone of course, and he’s experiencing the same stresses.

    Jason, thanks for posting this.

  2. There are many that feel the way you do about the situations with the plague and politics.

    Some are more easily triggered than others.

  3. Oooh! Earl Nightingale the original voice of Skyler King on the old radio drama “Sky King”… an ex-FBI agent and Navy Pilot who became a Cowboy Rancher and fought the forces of evil. With his airplane, “The Skybird”, he flew into adventure from his Arizona Ranch, often with his niece Penny. Sponsored by Peter Pan Peanut Butter and featuring Mike Wallace as the show’s announcer it was on the air from 1946 until 1954 before heading to TV.

  4. This guy has a voice that sounds like the result of smoking three packs of Camels a day for 30 years!…I am not old enough to have listened to the radio version of Sky King…but remember the TV show, that seemed rather lame to me, a child of the 50s…nothing going on, really, except many shots of his airplane, taking off and landing…even Penny was not exciting or sexy in the least.

  5. Good humor is what we all need in these times. The other day I asked my friend Mark if I had told him my latest Joke? He thought for a moment and then asked if my joke was funny? I replied—yes it was! He quickly responded–“Then you haven’t told it to me!”

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