KIRO 7/KING 5 Employees, SAG-AFTRA Members Endorse Defunding of Police

AUGUST 2, 2020

The executive director of a union representing local broadcast journalists testified to the Seattle City Council claiming union members support the move to defund the police by 50%.

Shellea Allen is the executive director of SAG-AFTRA Seattle Local. Last week, during the public testimony portion of a council meeting, Allen read a statement on behalf of “the labor union that represents journalists” backing the political movement. (JASON RANTZ-MYNORTHWEST.COM)

Author: Jason Remington

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16 thoughts on “KIRO 7/KING 5 Employees, SAG-AFTRA Members Endorse Defunding of Police

  1. Guess it would be job security for reporters! More crazy stories to report in the Wild, Wild,West called Seattle.

    1. I think everyone is against police brutality. I also think most people are against theft, rape, breaking and entering, assault, murder, drinking and driving, running prople over with their cars, beating their wives or children— ***also resisting arrest, coming at the police with a weapon, like a knife or a gun, hitting a cop, throwing something at a cop, spitting on a cop, killing a cop. When a criminal threatens the life of a cop, they are committing suicide by cop. This whole George Floyd thing was blown out of proportion after the cops were charged. Anything after that which includes damage to property or worse, should be grounds for arrest and jail time. Anything less than that is the behavior that has led to the past 95 nights of rioting in Portland, the destruction in cities like Minneapolis and Seattle. None of this should have been allowed or excused. It is the Progressives, the Democratic mayors and governors bowing to the militants (white and black) fearing they won’t be re-elected or not wanting to appear racist. These people are the problem, and so are those who agree and follow them. Ed is correct! Defunding the police IS insane.

      1. I agree with all of you. To say that police departments aren’t necessary is insane.

        The only modification I’d make is that all politicians fear that they won’t be re-elected.

        “And what do you do for a living, ma’am/sir?”

        “Why, I get up each day, barf out a bunch of nonsense to my adoring brain-dead followers, insult and disparage my enemies, and count my money. Believe me, it beats working.”

      2. I can also understand why police officers get cranky. I do watch the show cops. Lately I also see too many shoplifters get away with things. I think store officials should be allowed to make a citizens arrest and hold them till police come. I may be liberal, but I,m also tough on crime. Demonstrators are destroying buildings and writing graffitti on buildings. NOT GOOD. I also thing that protesters should also do their part in this pandemic and stay home and protest on social media. You cannot expect anyone to sympathise with your cause by disrupting other peoples life,s.

      3. Voting for lower taxes, though, essentially goes toward defunding police without calling it that.
        I heard that Chris Christie, a law and order Republican came up with an idea of retooling the police department that actually worked.
        On the whole, I don’t support any police reform that would be instigated by the Seattle City Council, now that ex-cop Tim Burgess is not a member.

  2. Good points. The politicians want the votes and will do anything to please even the scum that break laws, so defunding the police makes sense to them. It’s a mob mentality, they have lost their minds.

    1. I am still left wondering what Tim Burgess thought of the hot blondie that sat in front of us in Study Hall, at Lincoln High School, Seattle, 1965.

  3. If what Ms. Allen says is true, the labor movement tradition of standing shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with your union brothers and sisters in the Police Officers’ Guild is a thing of the past.

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