Charlie Daniels Interviewed: Ichabod Caine (1994)

Ichabod Caine

In December 1994, Ichabod Caine, on his syndicated gospel radio show “Honky Tonk Sundays,” interviewed country music star/amazing fiddler Charlie Daniels. During his long career, Daniels had many hits that crossed over from country charts onto the Billboard Hot 100.

Since Charlie Daniels passed away on July 6, 2020, Ichabod chose to share an aircheck of his Christmas time interview with Daniels from 26 years ago. During the show, they played country music, they played Charlie’s music, and the two of them spoke of Daniel’s life, career and faith.

Click on the start button on the video below to listen to the interview.


Editor’s note: Ichabod Caine is an iconic Seattle radio personality who worked at several Seattle stations including the legendary Channel 95 KJR and KMPS FM&AM, which was the dominant country music station in Seattle-Tacoma for many years. From 1994-2000, Caine’s nationally syndicated “Honky Tonk Sundays” ran on a few hundred stations including Armed Forces Radio.

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