8 thoughts on “KJR Jingles – Early 1970s

  1. I remember this station and jingle with fond memories! As a teen in Tacoma, I lived for music!! I carried my transistor radio with me everywhere I went.
    I spend hours on this site bringing back the memories. I am so grateful for this site!

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Catherine! We love adding to this site on a regular basis and appreciate the input from readers.

  2. Remember hearing this series when I was in the 7th grade and living on Whidbey Island. Back then my older Sister and I spent the Summer glued to our transister radios because the disc jockeys and the music defined our world (away from television) and people like Norm Gregory and Lan Roberts were our windows to the world. It’s hard to believe it’s been 50 years ago already.

  3. They were pretty wild for the day. I was a college broadcaster who had worked for Gary Taylor at his Spokane teen club a couple of years earlier. The whole package was over a half-hour long, and the tracks were programmed almost as tightly as the music!

  4. Thanks for sharing. ”
    Everything makes sense at the time!”

    Ed Longcrier. afternoon DJ KAGT Annacortes Jan-May 1973. Morning announcer KELA Cenntralia 1973-1983. Owner operator KTHE Thermopolis Wyoming 1983-1987. now retired old fart. (grew up in Kent in the 50’s and 60’s) grad Ron Bailie School of Broadcast.

  5. Sounds a bit dated compared to other early 70s packages. But KJR always was a little bit different than other top 40s and it didn’t seem to hurt the results. Still this package lacks the punch I love from a good T-40 package.

    1. This stuff is really bad. It is nearly as bad as some of the copy I wrote when I started off in advertising. There has to have been a less obtrusive way to incorporate the Channel 95 if it was even necessary at all.

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