Now Hear This: KCAC & KRIZ Phoenix December 31, 1969

KCAC was a radio station (1010 AM) in Phoenix, Arizona, 1969–71

1010 KCAC (10:46)

Up the dial, KRIZ 1230

1230 KRIZ (32:07)

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Author: Jason Remington

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7 thoughts on “Now Hear This: KCAC & KRIZ Phoenix December 31, 1969

    1. Steven Martin (“W”) started his broadcasting career at KRIZ RADIO in Phoenix in 1963 while attending Phoenix Union High School where he also performed as the school DJ after sporting events and special occasions. His first on-the-air job was the overnight weekend shift (Midnight to 6:00 AM), then off to school to try to stay awake in class. He worked his way up from station janitor and weekend warrior to the morning drive shift and won top five ratings in Phoenix on a 1000-watt AM station. In the 60’s and 70’s, KRIZ Radio was considered a pioneer in Top 40 radio nationally, while locally it battled another Top 40 powerhouse, KRUX. “W” was the first DJ to ever topple the KRUX morning show from the top of the ratings.

      Morning Show 27 years KNIX FM Phoenix

      A move to country music and the fledgling KTUF-KNIX in the mid 70’s continued “W’s” assault on the airwaves. His personality was tailor made for this format. W. Steven in the morning got the station top ratings and increased revenue for the rest of the broadcast day. WIN in the morning with “W” and you’ll WIN all day. Over a span of more than 27 years, no country music competitor ever beat him in the ratings. His first morning ratings started with about 2% of the Phoenix radio audience. His largest ratings hit over 26% (1 out of every 4 people or cars going to work). His show was rated in the top five in Phoenix for more than 26 years and a solid #1 for 11 years. His last morning show ratings held steady with about 10% share. After “W” left the morning show, the first station rating fell to a 4% with loyal listeners. —

    2. I worked at KRIZ with Tony Evens from 1963-1965. We moved to the towers on Central Ave. in Phx. Pat came on for day drive and Tone did night drive 2-6pm. Then came Hadley Madley and I covered 12 midnight to 6pm…including the pork bellies report, if you were there you know what I’m talking about.
      Frank Flynn owned the station and he was the trade out king for advertising.
      It’s longer story be this enough.
      Bob Walker

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