Now Hear This: 50th Anniversary of KFI Los Angeles

KFI received its license to operate on March 31, 1922 and began operating on April 16, 1922, and after a succession of power increases, became one of the United States’ first high-powered, clear-channel stations. KFI is a Class A 50,000 watt, non-directional station.
This broadcast is from April 16, 1974.
(Photos from Alchetron Encyclopedia – KFI history)

KFI RADIO FIFTY! 1974 part ONE (1:02:57)

KFI RADIO FIFTY! 1974 part TWO (46:53)

KFI RADIO FIFTY! 1974 part THREE (1:05:08)

KFI RADIO FIFTY! 1974 part FOUR (1:04:32)

KFI RADIO FIFTY! 1974 part FIVE (1:03:55)

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2 thoughts on “Now Hear This: 50th Anniversary of KFI Los Angeles

  1. Hello; I’m trying to find out what the original KFI Call-letters stood for. Such as the Joke, that KFWB stood for “Keep Filming Warner Brothers”. Actually – I’m looking for a list of early L.A area A.M stations, and what their Call-letters stood for, such as KFSG might have stood for – “Kings Four Square Gospel” (Aimee Semple McPherson’s Temple on Glendale Boulevard, just south of Sunset Boulevard). There is at least 3 more ! KNX, KIEV, and KFAC might be 3 more. Any help on this quest ? Thank You ! Sincerely, John . (Former Radio Teacher at Braille Institute.)

    1. KDAY “Day” was once a daytime-only station on AM.
      KGRB Gloria (and owner) Robert Burdette.
      KBOB “Bob, as in Robert Burdette, who owned this one as well.K Farmer’s Information station
      K F)our S)quare G)ospel Church
      K NX Annex of Spring Street Arcade Annex (the original location)
      KFAC Fuller, Auborn and Cord (automobile dealerships owned by station owner E. L. Cord)
      KGFJ Keeping Good Folks Joyful
      KMPC MacMillan Petroleum Company
      KGBS George B. Storer
      KIIS 115, the AM frequency that once was the home of the station.
      KPPC Pasadena Presbyterian Church.
      KPCC Pasadena City College.
      KRLA Radio Los Angeles (while KTLA Channel 5 stands for Television Los Angeles).
      KCSN Cal State Northridge.
      KBIG “Big.” The station has one of the most powerful FM signals in Los Angeles.
      KBRT “Bright.” Once paired with KBIG playing beautiful music as “Big and Bright.”
      KEZY “Easy (listening).”
      KTNQ Ten Q, the 10 meaning the rounded-off frequency, 1020 AM.
      KROQ The “rock” of Los Angeles in the 1970s as an AM station; “Rock of the ’80s” later.
      KMZT “Mozart” classical music.
      KPFK Named for the owner, Pacifica.
      KRKD Broadcasting from the “Arcade” building in downtown Los Angeles.
      KLSX Represented “classic” rock in L.A. from 1986-2009 at 97.1 FM. Letters now owned by a station in Wyoming. The L.A. station went to KAMP and a Top 40 format.
      KPWR Short for “power” at 106-FM (now a hip-hop format).
      KRTH Short for “earth.” Formerly KHJ-FM but named “K-Earth” in the early 1970s due to a format that never happened, harkening back to the attitude that eventually launched Earth Day.
      KSBR – Saddle Back (College) Radio.
      KSWD Short for “Sound, as in “The Sound” of classic rock.
      KSUL Cal State University Long (Beach).

      KIEV —- ?????

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