Meteorologist Jordan Steele departs KING-TV

At that ever-revolving door at KING-5, Jordan Steele, meteorologist & former host of the now cancelled  “Take 5” afternoon show has departed the station to take up a new position hosting a new program on behalf of  The Weather Channel.  “Weather Today” will join Quibi’s Daily Essentials category of programming, launching on April 6.  This brand new show from The Weather Channel television network, that will debut on the mobile-first short form video platform Quibi. It will be a three-to-five minute show airing seven days a week that features the most important weather news stories of the day as well as a national forecast.  We’ve also learned that Rebecca Stevenson is now a permanent member of the KING-5 weather team & will eventually end up on air on a regular basis.

Author: Mike Cherry

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30 thoughts on “Meteorologist Jordan Steele departs KING-TV

  1. Absolutely disagree with these mean comments about Jordan Steele. He was my favorite both as a brilliant and engaging meteorologist and as a reporter. I happen to know that he did outreach to be inclusive on important stories. He was far more than “palatable.” And I so appreciated him as a devoted and loving dad, including to his beautiful son with special needs. I have so missed Jordan and pray he and his family are doing well in their new lives.

    1. Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021
      I agree whole heartedly with everything you said Kyle.
      Kudos to you for sticking up for Jordan!!!
      I miss his great disposition and cheery outlook!

  2. I was REALLY put off by JOrdan Steele- such a BIg EGo- he wanted WAY more than to be a meterorologist- wanted his own show. Not my cup of tea, but doubt he’s “landed’ where he wanted to be- meterology not his schtick.
    he wanted way more!

    1. Lorrie, I 100% agree with you! But just saw him a couple of day’s ago, couldn’t believe he was the same guy? Someone on the Weather Channel has been working hard on making him palatable! Totally different person…I guess there may be hope for me?

  3. I also share Greg’s opinion here. Jeff Renner, Rich Marriott, Rebecca Stevenson, Joyce Taylor-
    Class Acts. Other socialites on King keep me turning away.

  4. January 12 8:01 pm
    I share Greg Hunicutt’s opinion of Jordan Steele. It doesn’t look like Steele’s new gig is a step up. Craig Herrera is top notch and much more humble. It is a pleasure to see him do the weather. I hope he is with King 5 for a long time

  5. Jordan Steele seemed like he’d be a challenge to work with, so no losses for me. He came off as having an ego that wouldn’t fit through the door.

    I like KING 5’s meteorologist Craig Herrera (I believe that’s his name). It never made sense how many weather presenters the station had on in the early evening. I even recall seeing Craig and Jordan doing a team-tag weather forecast one evening; WEIRD!

  6. Wow! I really miss Jordan Steele, He was absolutely down to earth and I could relate to him, It’s very disappointing he didn’t work out at king, I’d have to say it’s a big loss for you guys I thought he would go far and be around for a long time, Not sure what the problem is but you guys seem to discard the “good ones”, Bummer, I hope he’s happy and his beautiful family as well.

  7. While I was watching The Weather Channel I was shocked to see Jordan Steele appear on air. I then got online to confirm his exit out of king 5. Good for you Jordan Steele doing what you love to do. Definitely a loss to Washington.

  8. King 5 news needs to bring Jordan Steele back. He was the most knowledgeable weather person, fun & upbeat. The weather people at King 5 now all seem silly, & definitely lower level meteorologists. Can’t compare current weather staff to the higher class quality of Jordan. Miss him.

    1. Really miss Jordan Steele… he was able to express so much gratitude for being in the PNW. He always brought a big smile in my heart ( and on my face). Best wishes Jordan, you were a great joy on King 5.

  9. Jordan Steele was awesome, he had a great vibe , positive energy and had a beautiful family. What a bummer.

    1. That “family” thing really took me by surprise…he projected a very Gay vibe!…He also had wit and charm…I think his move to the Weather Channel could work out to a better career for him…One of the first weathermen to jump into that channel was that guy who also had worked the Seattle weather beat, Jim Cantore. That dude decided to take a chance with that channel, and is now a big star there…when he was much younger, he sorta looked like Jordan Steele!…Now he looks like any other middle-aged man doing the weather…Maybe Cantore influenced Steele to take a better path?…We will see…KING 5 is so messed up…but I do like looking at Rebecca Stevenson…she is eye candy for sure.,,,but I am thinking she is very, shall we say, career-oriented, and guards her personal life closely–if ya know what I mean!

      1. All radio and tv folk should keep their cards close to their chest. Who gives a dang about their private life? That shouldn’t matter to anyone. Those that speak up make it an issue and then it becomes gossip.

        1. Disagree. Being “in the media” entails a certain amount of gossip, speculation, etc…It comes with the territory, and in many cases is a boost to popularity/notoriety….media is mostly about image!

          1. If so, seems silly that they get butt hurt when speculation as to certain things about them is posted. I am betting there are many who can dish it, but can’t take it. And a few who truly believe their private life is private.

  10. I really King 5 made a really big mistake letting Jordan go, he was up beat, fun, just a great personality, I watched 5 for Jordan now we have boring people Rich Marriott, needs to go he’s so boring, big mistake for 5 to let that guy go, won’t watch 5 anymore, good luck Jordan.

    1. Rich may be boring, but he reports the weather and does it well. What are you wanting him to do? Jump out of a cake and report the weather? Come on

  11. Like the other comments, I miss Jordan Steele very much. His creativity and contribution to TAKE5 was missed as the program ended. He is now hosting a brand new show on behalf of The Weather Channel. “Weather Today” will join Quibi’s Daily Essentials Programing.

    The mobile App is available now, with a 14 day free trial offer. You can view his segment any time of day that best suits your schedule. I joined Quibi, it was great to see him and feel his enthusiasm for whatever life brings him!

  12. Miss Jordan, a real talent for King 5 And loved his family. He will be back on national news somewhere I’m sure.

  13. I miss Jordan on the weather and on Take Five, loved that show. Wish the best for him and his family.
    Also would love to see Ben doing the weather on a reg basis

  14. Disappointing to see Gordon Steele leave. He was quick, friendly and fun to watch. The new guy (Herea ?) is not going to cut it. He spends too much time trying to be a “happy face”. King5 made a mistake letting Steele go. Will watch KIRO news now. I am not to big on Rebecca Stevenson either. She takes too long getting to the essential information.

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