Radio Notes- Radio station contests, AM stereo, and another version of KXA

October 4, 1984
A new radio station has just upped the ante in the yearly battle to attract new listeners. KHIT will give $1 million to a listener through a promotion this year.
Some stations traditionally have giveaways ranging from cash to free dinners or records during the fall Arbitron rating period, which began September 20. For example, KVI is giving away gold Krugerrands if you can answer a musical question; KPLZ and KJR are promising $500 a day if listeners keep track of a twice played song.
But KHIT, an FM station at 106.9 MHz with a contemporary hit format that operates out of both downtown Seattle and Bremerton, will give away the million dollars, eventually, for knowing “what’s in the prize package,” a list of minor giveaways that might include a couple of tickets to a Seahawks game or a dinner for two.

Count KTAC, Tacoma, as Western Washington’s fourth AM stereo station. KTAC, at 850 kHz, is using the Motorola system, which means you can tune in the process on your 1985 Buick, or go down to an audio shop and get the S-Quam type radio installed. That’s the same system that KMPS, Seattle, and KTOL, Olympia, use. It is not the Harris system that KOMO and KJR use.

October 7, 1984
KXA is due back on the air Monday, but with its new name, KKMI AM. The new format will be full of contemporary ballads, love songs, Pat O’Day, general manager, calls them. This is the third format change for the 770 kHz frequency since O’Day interests acquired the station in 1980. We’ve already had golden oldies and sponsored religion; even before, under different owners, KXA had times as a hillbilly music station, beautiful music, and most remembered, classical music on the AM band. This change, O’Day said, is designed to make it a more attractive package for advertisers. The present format of KKMI FM will appeal to younger listeners, and KKMI AM will appeal to older listeners within a 25 to 44 age groups. O’Day assumes an advertiser might then want to place commercials on both stations. O’Day’s weekday morning show will be simulcast on both stations.

How inglorious it is to grow old. The mutual radio network is marking 50 years as a broadcast network, but no Puget Sound area radio station is scheduled to carry its one-hour anniversary show, including selections from Golden age mutual programs such as the Lone Ranger and the Green hornet plus historical broadcast segments. KVI is Seattle’s mutual affiliates, but other than the Larry King show, you would never know it.

Greg Hersholt, from KVI, and Fran Martin, from KING AM., have begun reporter work at KIRO… Ric Hansen, former KJR/KTAC personality, has returned to Tacoma, in the 10 a.m. to noon slot, on KNBQ.

Author: Victor Stredicke

Former radio columnist for the Seattle Times (1964-1989). --- View other articles by Victor Stredicke

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