Phantom Stations: KNBS-TV Walla Walla

This is the first post in a new ongoing series exploring “Phantom” radio & TV stations.  These we define as stations licensed, but never issued a CP or other indication of build-out,  stations licensed but with unbuilt CPs, or stations that existed for a specific duration, then went silent & licenses deleted.  Such deleted stations occupied radio frequencies or TV channels that had later occupants with no connection or relation to the earlier “Phantom” station.  First up is a suggestion from regular contributor Mike Barer who made mention of Walla Walla’s brief commercial television channel.  KNBS-TV channel 22 was an ABC affiliate & according to both Wikipedia & the excellent  History of UHF Television  This station was only on air from Jan 3, 1960 to December 14, 1960.  The station left the air at that time & the license deleted.  Here are the listings from the 1960 editions of “Broadcasting Yearbook” “Radio Annual”

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Author: Mike Cherry

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13 thoughts on “Phantom Stations: KNBS-TV Walla Walla

  1. Another station, which had a much longer life was KVOS in Bellingham. It used to be able to be viewed at night on the cable when I lived in Walla Walla.
    TV Guide featured it in an article, saying because of the small Bellingham market. Most of it’s sales where in the Vancouver area, so viewers would see ads for Canada Dry and Red Rose Tea.
    I guess the station is off the air now.

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