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Mondo Bando was featured on a weekly radio show broadcast from KILO and called the Homegrown Kilo Show sometime in late 1976-1977. The recorded broadcast is in pretty good shape and also has the interview of the band. [long pause after 4th song purposely left in, as this was as actually as aired…]

Mondo Bando may be the earliest documented all out original Heavy Metal band in the Seattle area dating to early 1976 to 1977. Members were: Electra Blue, Vocals; Mark Maye, Guitar; Carl Joseph Seltice, Bass Guitar; and Gary Herrman, Drums. Disco Music was certainly the music of choice at that time and Punk was on the rise in Seattle, so Mondo Bando was in the musical wilderness but played around 25 shows during 1976-1977. Mark Maye, Joe Seltice and the original singer Warren Ferger, migrated to Seattle in 1975 from Spokane, Washington and reformed Mondo Bando with Brad Butler on drums and played high school dances, self promoted shows and some parties, playing very hard rock. Warren Ferger left the band very early and Roger Williams joined as lead vocalist. Mondo Bando disbanded in December 1975 and then re-formed again in January 1976 when they added Electra Blue and Gary Herrman to their lineup. The newly revived band then began writing their own music and went extra hard in their delivery. “We didn’t call ourselves Heavy Metal, it was what people were calling us”. The band once again disbanded in 1977 and that was permanent. Mondo Bando has also made the Ranker list of most famous Seattle musical acts at the 111 spot. Electra Blue moved on to the Seattle Punk Scene and performed with Violent World for a while before relocating to San Francisco.
[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_of_Washington_(state)#Heavy_metal] [http://pnwbands.com/mondobando.html] [MONDO BANDO YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbRzuo9uVAc&list=PLi1zHru171wExACGxrLz1v__t_hW91M2T]

Author: Mark Maye

I Lived in the downtown Seattle & Federal Way Washington Area in the mid 1970's and played in the early heavy metal Band Mondo Bando from the summer of 1975- summer of 1977. Here is a Youtube Playlist with most of the songs that happened to be recorded: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi1zHru171wExACGxrLz1v__t_hW91M2T Every Mondo Bando Song is live with no edited versions so forgive the slip ups and quality.

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