Drake’s History of Rock & Roll; Prologue, Open and Main Theme

There are several versions of this Bill Drake rockumentary. The one I recorded and filed runs through 1977.
In any case, this audio clip is the prologue and open for the production. The second voice heard is that of Bill Drake… Runs about 1:28

the-history-of-rock-and-roll-drake-chenault-02Here is the primary jingle for the Drake Chenault production of The History of Rock and Roll. Probably from 1969 when it was first syndicated. It started as a 48 hour documentary and was increased to 51 hours a couple years later. I know it aired in Seattle, but I don’t recall who aired it.

Author: Duane Smart

Duane Smart was Mr. Music Man for the J.P. Patches program at KIRO 7 tv. He also chose music for almost all of the local studio productions at KIRO. Be it a public service show or a new news theme, The Big Money Movie or the theme music for Joe Towey’s “Nightmare Theater”…..these were the days before “packaged” theme music came into being at KIRO. Duane also did freelance work recording commercials. For more than 20 years Duane Smart also did all the music that ran at Enchanted Village and Wild Waves. Once the J.P. Patches show went off the air, Duane decided to retire, after having enjoyed 29 years at KIRO.

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