Fundraisers & KJR Jock Shuffle


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Author: Victor Stredicke

Former radio columnist for the Seattle Times (1964-1989). --- View other articles by Victor Stredicke
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1 thought on “Fundraisers & KJR Jock Shuffle

  1. From the Internet Archive ( we reclaim some of our Lost Comments:

    Mike Cherry says:
    September 4, 2018 2:34 pm at
    Victor’s opening question about sustaining jazz could now probably be answered with a “yes” albeit in small letters as compared to the station’s news & talk supporters’ response “YES” The news & talk programmming has slowly been taking over much of the air time once offering jazz, to my personal dismay. From a popularity & preference stand-point, I am in the minority. However, just as I begin pondering whether KNKX will drop jazz & blues altogether, they hire one of our region’s top jazz programmers & air personality Carol Handley to guide the station. Among some new jazz programs, the chance for a school student to DJ on 88.5 Thur’s evenings plus Jim Wilke & Ken Wiley’s continued excellence in programming suggest music is here to stay, in spite of the overwhelming support for news/talk. I was going to make these comments below on Jason’s post noting KNKX’ first year of operation as a community broadcaster. However, it seemed more appropriate to compliment Victor’s article.

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