Reggae & African music on Northwest radio – June 1992

listing of reggae & African music shows on Pacific Northwest radio in Seattle-based music newspaper “Rhythmicentric

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Author: Mike Cherry

retired broadcaster: on-air, MD, PD, asst PD, Prod Mgr, IT, station technician/engineer, pioneer Internet webcaster, station installation/maintenance; 12 years in commercial radio, 17 years volunteer in campus/community radio in B.C., Alberta & Wash. Amateur radio operator & "DXer" specializing in AM night-time DX, short-wave DX/listening & remote SDR DXing/listening

1 thought on “Reggae & African music on Northwest radio – June 1992

  1. From the Internet Archive ( we reclaim some of our Lost Comments:

    Steven Smith says:
    August 5, 2018 7:34 am at
    Other than the reggae clones, like Clapton’s version of Shot the Sheriff, Johnny Nash’s hits, Millie Small, Jimmy Cliff, I have heard little reggae on the air. Sometimes, i will hear a classic Marley cut, although back when he he was changing music, it seems lots of the reggae was covered by others…Marley as Fats Domino and other artists as Pat Boone.

    Half a dozen years ago we went to Kauhaii for a couple weeks and had a rental car. They have or had a station there that was all reggae, or pretty close. In that setting, it was a perfect island paradise mix. Driving around with the radio playing Marley and so much more.

    Mike Cherry says:
    August 28, 2018 2:51 pm at
    Steven – I was just notified of your comment about reggae but it doesn’t appear on the website. (groan) I’ll let Jason know. I found the comment inside our “Comments Manager” but don’t know how to fix it so your message appears
    Reggae is one of those genres that never really gelled with North American listeners on a commercial basis, but was much more popular in the UK. Often, Jamaican singles would chart on the Britain’s top40 charts. My one-time massive LP collection had a large amount of reggae I’ve collected over the decades. I hosted a reggae show on 2 different campus F’s & was part of an organization that put on 5 large reggae/world-beat festivals on Vancouver Island. I find that people either love reggae or hate it – there are few listeners in between

    pugetsound says:
    August 5, 2018 9:52 am at
    How long before University of Puget Sound and other colleges abandon their radio stations (selling to KUOW or turning in the license)? There is no future in college radio. Eventually, the funding will dry up and alumni that may have supported radio will be long dead.

    mikec says:
    August 5, 2018 2:09 pm at
    Campus FM’s are dropping like flies in the midwest & back east. As you note, some are being picked up by more successful, big-league public broadcasters. Minnesota Public Radio has been on a buying spree as of late, picking up a number of college stations no longer feasible. Others are getting gobbled up by the national Christian broadcasters EMF & Calvary Chapel. Certainly KUPS & KAOS would be potential signals for KUOW to acquire, replacing their AM 1340 transmitter serving south end listeners where the 94.9 signal gets a little sketchy.

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