Gag Me With A Spoon

The online audio companies are going through merger-growth spurts and legal battles. This time it is Tune-In versus Pandora. Tune-In is suing Pandora due to the failure of Pandora to deliver on an advertising contract involving Pandora’s “revolutionary”, “game-changing” new platform called Harmonic Audio Network which they claimed would improve ad placements to better align with brand values and improve listener engagement. TuneIn alleges Pandora “did not invest the resources and effort necessary to make the Network a successful sales platform” and points to “dismal sales” as proof. INSIDE RADIO By the way, INSIDE RADIO is one of many online information services instituting a pay wall. What will you do to get this information, pay – or — find it elsewhere online for free? It is a tough world here “online.”

Now, our twice-yearly plea to the masses: PLEASE stop using the following cliches:
Game changing
Reach out to
Having said that
That having been said
At the end of the day
Begs the question
Needless to say
Be that as it may (should only be spoken by a mustachioed gentlemen wearing a monocle)
The powers that be
The devil is in the details
For all intents and purposes
Break the glass ceiling
Tenuous at best
In a nutshell
Perfect storm
Paradigm shift
More often than not
Wait, what?
Say what?
Ya think?

If I hear you say it, I will call you on it. This can also be a drinking game. Turn on any news channel and wait for an anchor or guest talking heads to say any of these phrases.
ON A HAPPIER NOTE (take one drink):
Brian Lord found this gem: Tam Henry shows up on a music survey from the SF Bay area (LINK)

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34 thoughts on “Gag Me With A Spoon

  1. Television continues to promote the ‘victim mentality”, with KING 5’s Joyce Taylor’s race baiting segment called “Facing Race”.

    “‘Facing Race,’ to me, is an opportunity for our community to have some really challenging, difficult, honest, candid conversations about what it means to be black, Hispanic, Asian, white, privileged in this country and in the Northwest. What that actually means,” Taylor said.

    What they won’t show on these segments is— some basic truth. That is explained in this short sermon from a black preacher.

  2. We at have phased in a plan to become carbon neutral by Thanksgiving. In order to make our blog sustainable, we have begun using only recycled 1’s and 0’s.

  3. There was a half hour commentary or public affairs program late Sunday night on KJR in the late fifties and early sixties hosted by Trudi Guberle. I once had a date with her niece Cicely Guberle. She wore blue contacts.

    I think the names are spelled right . . .

  4. There was a radio commentary segment with that title, Let Me Say This About That. I think it ran on KJR in the 1960s.

  5. Just sayin’

    Sooner rather than later

    Speak truth to power

    Let me be clear – or sometimes “perfectly clear” to demonstrate sincerity

    But you know this – used following an obvious lie

  6. Rated X – No one under 21 permitted without custodial parent, mean step-father, or estranged, somewhat deranged uncle. — Actually, that movie could be a modern day Disney production. Anything goes with Walt’s company. I assume R.P. is trans and black. It sounds like the makings of a grand broadway musical.

  7. Pizza as a verb originated at Pietro’s Pizza in Salem, about a mile from Oregon State Hospital. Pietro’s is where Randall Patrick McMurphy stopped for a few pies to go on the way to Depoe Bay for a boat ride with his fellow residents. After his shock treatment reward, R . P. began insisting his middle name was Pietro and his first was Renaldo, after Duncan Renaldo, “The Cisco Kid” of early TV. On the way to the restroom, he would shout “I hafta pizza!!!” R. P.’s heirs sold the rights to “Pizza as a Verb” to their cousin Patty Polly “Pee Pee” Murphy (not the senator) who had a city-wide chain of transparent pay toilets which she refitted as Pee Pee Murphy’s Pizza Parlors with the slogan, “See Pee Pee Pizza”.

    (The scenes noted above are only available in the director’s cut.)

  8. When did “button” become “but in”? I hear it from all the younger generation. It is ignorance on display.

  9. Keep protesting and we’ll be the cover for the idiots that want to damage and steal. The businesses don’t care and the taxpayers don’t mind.

    1. Crime will increase, it will be condoned by city council, laws will be relaxed, and once each year, a day will be set aside for THE PURGE.

  10. “Immediately” in a news story: “An attorney for the committee did not immediately respond to requests for comment.”

    Drop “Immediately”. Nobody responded. You were ignored.

    1. Just read this in a news story this evening, and thought of you. (How sweet, huh?) “A federal court in Colorado issued a new arrest warrant involving the prison escape and Archuleta was arrested in the small town about 20 miles (32 kilometers) north of Santa Fe. He is being represented by the Office of the Federal Public Defender, which did not immediately respond Friday to a phone message seeking comment on Archuleta’s behalf.

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