John Curley – Seattle Radio’s Best Personality –Ever! ?

…….. listening to KIRO FM. Based on my memories of Seattle radio past, and air checks available from the Golden Ages of Seattle radio, it is my opinion that John Curley may be Seattle’s finest radio personality. Without the aid of Top 40 tunes and show prep aids like the Electric Weenie, Curley talks for 3 hours each day and always has something interesting to say. He is clever with use of stories and opinion, witty without being silly, and topical without kissing up to anyone or being politically correct. He is also NOT a shock jock. With a sidekick like Tom Tangney, who has opposing views on most every topic, Curley carries the show, keeping it tight, with humor and opinion that I find unmatched by any predecessor in the field of radio entertainment locally. Curley is the new and much improved Bob Hardwick. As clever as Jack Morton, possibly moreso. Curley is the Bob Crane of Seattle radio, without the MOR tunes. Your thoughts….?

Author: Jason Remington

QZVX Creator, Admin, & Editor, former broadcaster. ABOUT Jason & | Jason's Airchecks

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