CBS Layoffs Affect Veteran Newsmen

1210 KASY is no more. Now, the Auburn radio station houses the Bustos Media AM outlet known as K-M-I-A. The call letters are also used for the Miami International Airport, (but with fewer commercials). From the sound of it, KMIA is running the same programming as KDDS FM 99.3, the syndicated GranD [Big “D” I think that is a play on the word GRANDE. But, I don’t speak the language.] With FCC autorization, KMIA switched transmitter facilities back to the towers on the property just off Highway 167. [Northwest Broadcasters]… and “Vintage” KASY audio. This from early days when KASY was at 1220 on the AM dial.

CBS Radio News is losing a slew of its most seasoned journalists after distributor Westwood One cut its fees, according to the New York Post. Senior correspondents and executives were offered buy-outs in advance of CBS Radio’s imminent spin-out of CBS Corporation, sources said. Among those departing are: Executive Producer Charlie Kaye, with CBS for 34 years; Washington correspondent Barry Bagnato, with the network for 30 years; afternoon anchor Harley Carnes, with CBS for 24 years; and, “CBS World News” anchor Bill Whitney, a 32-year veteran of CBS Radio News.

Author: Jason Remington

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1 thought on “CBS Layoffs Affect Veteran Newsmen

  1. mikec says:
    December 3, 2016 3:03 pm at
    When I first read about KMIA technical changes on NW Broadcasters, I thought webmaster Gord Lansdell made a typo showing a reduction in night power from 10 kW to 220 watts from the daytime facility. I went to the FCC site, looked it up & sure enough that’s what is about to occur on 1210. However, I also noted that the night signal now has it’s directional lobe towards Seattle so perhaps this will improve their night signal to the region, in spite of the power reduction. They’ve been experimenting with their night facility, as some nights it;s been very easy to “DX” KHAT Laramie WY “Buckin’ 92 FM” among others.

    chuckbolland says:
    December 4, 2016 11:23 am at
    I believe radio has to restructure and redefine their news efforts with a new business model. The bucks just aren’t there any more as media spending gets more and more spread out from traditional tv / radio to social media, websites, cable tv, direct access, etc. No longer would there be a market for me to every hour give a 5 min newscast at :55, 2 min at :28 and :01 on a major Seattle radio station and make a livable wage for doing so.

    pugetsound says:
    December 6, 2016 4:09 pm at
    It will be interesting to see how local AM survives on the Internet or wi-fi platform.

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